Menus are subject to change.  (V) Vegan | (GF) Gluten Free | * Can be V and/or GF


*Aunt Trippo’s Falafel  7
pickle, smoked tomato, curry yogurt or tahini (GF/V)

Shabes Challah  5
home made roll with za’atar cilantro seeds and Moroccan matbucha dip

Crazy Baba  5
charred eggplant, feta, basil, fresh sumac

Shishito Peppers  9
aioli yuzu (GF)


*Grilled Artichoke & Cauliflower 12
cherry tomato, garlic confit, greek yogurt (GF)

*Fattoush Salat 14
fresh and roasted veggies, feta, za’atar spice, pita croutons

Mediterranean Ceviche 17
Persian cucumber, radish, cherry tomato, fresh mint, garlic confit, labone cheese (GF)

Zizi Hummus 16
roasted organic seasonal veggies, chickpea purée (GF/V)

Charred Beet & Lentil Salat 14
finely chopped root veggies, raw tahini, silan (GF/V)

Kosher Octopus 19
garlic purée, white bean salat, smoky eggplant purée, lemon preserve (GF)


Shawarma Plate 16
grilled chicken, charred onions, over hummus (GF)

Cowshuka 22/17 8 oz
grilled skirt steak, poached eggs, ‘matbucha’ sauce, sautéd spinach, chickpeas, harissa (GF)

Little James Lamb Chops 26
risotto style freekeh, charred veggies, house cured lamb pancetta (GF)

Ribs de Berber 25
slow cooked short ribs, Jerusalem artichoke purée, assorted mushrooms (GF)


Wild Salmon 21
chickpea stew, ras el hanout, labone cheese, grilled artichoke, smoky tomato salsa (GF)

Couscous de la Mer 23
Israeli cous cous cooked in shrimp stock, striped bass, calamari, shrimp, served over moroccan carrot purée

The Fish 29
house cured lamb pancetta, home made polenta, assorted mushrooms, brussel sprouts, parmesan cheese (GF)


Vranec, Stobi Winery, Macedonia [sustainable] 9/34
dry, full-bodied, earthy plums, sour cherries, all spice, tobacco, balanced acidity

Côté Mas Mediterranée, (Grenache/Carignan/Cinsault), Sud de France [sustainable] 10/38
on the dry side, medium bodied, jammy berries, blackcurrant, chocolate flavors

Little James Rouge (Grenache), Rhone, France, 11/40
red berries, spices from the souk, gingerbread, round

True Wine Connoisseurs (Syrah/Cab Sav), California 12/42
on the dry side, full bodied, ripe berries, vanilla, spicy tobacco, smooth, round finish

Valpolicella (Corvina/Rondinella/Molinara), Corte Giara, Italy 44
dry, medium-full bodied, velvety, maraschino cherries, wild berries

Triada Red (Prokupac), Vino Budimir, Serbia, 48
medium bodied, balanced, raspberries, red currants, tobacco, hint of eucalyptus

Yogev (Cab Sav/Petit Verdot), Galilee, Israel (KOSHER) 52
dry, full bodied, forest fruits, rich, medium acidity, desert spices, long finish

Massaya Silver (Grenache Noir/Cinsault/Cab Sav/Mourvèdre), Bekaa Valley, Lebanon [sustainable] 54
dry, full-bodied, strawberries, pomegranate, good acidity, lingering finish

Kalecik Karasi, Vinkara, Turkey 58
dry, full bodied, red fruits, plumbs, hint of chestnuts, spicy finish

Chateau Ksara (Cab Sav/Merlot/Petit Verdot), Bekaa Valley, Lebanon 64
dry, full body, classic Bordeaux, cedar, black currant, savory fruit


Zilavka, Stobi Winery, Macedonia [sustainable] 8/32
dry fantastic acidity, citrus fruits, green apples with a long mineral finish

Cote Mas Mediterrane’e (Grenache/Vermentino/Sauv Blanc), France [sustainable] 9/36
semi-dry, citrus, grapefruit, easy-going, well-balanced acidity

Tamjanika (Balkan Wine Project), Vino Budimir, Serbia 10/40
peaches, apricots, pears, aromatic, viognier–style, good acidity and minerality

True Wine Connoisseurs (Riesling), Middle Lakes, New York  11/44
dry, medium acidity, grapefruit, orange peel, touch of black cherry tartness

Yogev (Chardonnay/Sauv Blanc), Galilee, Israel (KOSHER) 52
medium-bodied, dry, hints of pineapple and green grapes, crisp, lively, a long finish

Rosé Massaya (Cinsault/Syrah/Cab Sauv), Bekaa Valley, Lebanon [sustainable] 11/44
light-bodied, grapefruit, ripe strawberries, minerality,good acidity, a spicy finish


Zardetto Prosecco (Glera/Chardonnay/Moscato),Veneto, Italy 10/44
on the dry side, light-bodied, green pears, green apples and citrus fruits, mineral finish

Côté Mas Brut (Chardonnay/Chenin Blanc/Pinot Noir), Languedoc, France 12/48
dry, crisp with a soft, creamy mousse, red currants, wild strawberry, blood orange

La Cueille Bugey Cerdon Rosé (Gamay/Poulsard) Savoie, France [méthode ancestrale] 55
off-dry, crisp, strawberries, raspberries, red apples, good acidity


Mosquito  moscato, lime, mint, soju 12

The Bougey  bougey cerdon, sake, lemon 12

Zizi Royale  sparkling rosé, pomegranate wine 10

Desert Passion  passion fruit wine, prosecco, hibiscus, mint 13

Ginger Spritz  prosecco, unfiltered ginger ale, ginger 9


Mahou Light Lager, Spain  6

Goldstar Amber Lager, Israel  7

Brooklyn Lager Williamsburg  6

Pilsner Urquell Czech Republic  7

961 Pale Ale Lebanon  9
za’atar, sumac, camomile

Sam Smith’s IPA England 10
sweet toffee, caramel with floral hops


Perry Pear Eves Cidery, New York (.75 liter)  38
semi dry sparkling pear cider with notes of Jasmin, vanilla, and figs

Sam Smith’s Organic Cider, England  10
dry flavor with apple-blossom finish

Sam Smith’s Organic Apricot Ale (.5 liter)  15
rich full body hazy gold color

Ama Bionda Honey Ale, Italy (.75 liter)  10/25
with orange blossom honey from Sicily


Menus are subject to change.  (V) Vegan | (GF) Gluten Free | * Can be V and/or GF 

 15 Pri Fix: Includes three mazze and one main of your choosing


*Cauliflower & Yogurt Tahini
Crazy Baba
Green Quinoa Salat


Mediterranean Ceviche
Persian cucumber, radish, cherry tomato, fresh mint, garlic confit, labone cheese, (GF)

Charred Beet & Lentil
raw tahini and silan (GF/V)

*Fattoush Salat
fresh and roasted veggies, feta, croutons

Eggs Armada
poached eggs, cured salmon over crostini, fries

Fricasse Croissant
tuna salat, hard boiled egg, harissa, tahini (GF)

Shawarma Plate
chicken slivers, onion, served on Zizi hummus (GF)

poached eggs over tomato stew (GF)
add maragez . . . 3

Challah Sandwich
omlette, charred veggies, harissa


Zimosa  5
classic or pomegranate

Michelada  7
Spanish lager, harissa, pickles, clamato juice

Mosquito  6
moscato, lime, mint, soju

Goldstar  4
amber lager, Israel

961 Pale Ale 4

Coté Mas Mediterranée (Red) Macedonia  5
on the dry side, medium bodied, jammy berries, blackcurrant, a touch of licorice, chocolate flavors, sustainable

Coté Mas Mediterranée (White) Macedonia  5
semi-dry, citrus, grapefruit, easy-going, well-balanced acidity, sustainable


Turkish Coffee  3
traditional | cardamom | saffron

Organic Tea 3/8
mint | hibiscus | black

single 3 | double 4 | macchiato 3.5/4.5

Americano | Cappucino | Latte 3.5

Organic Iced Tea 3
mint | hibiscus

San Pellegrino  3/5

Panna Water  3/5

Mexicoke  3.5

Organic Ginger Ale  3.5

Organic Lemonade  3.5

Sparkling Soda 3.75
grapefruit | orange mango | lemonade